The role of transmission investment

1er décembre 2009, de 10 heures à 12 heures

GIS LARSEN, Campus de Fontenay aux Roses

The role of transmission investment in the coordination between generation and transmission in the liberalized power systems

Résumé : This paper examines how transmission coordinates with generation to the long term in a liberalized power system. We rely on a modular analysis to separate the mechanisms of coordination between generation and transmission of electricity into distinct modules. The governance structure of transmission completes this analysis framework. We then show that in a logic of complementarity, this governance structure influences the options that TSO implements to manage effectively power flows. Although locational signals are necessary to guide the installation of new power plants, the governance structure explains that investment in network may be the only effective method of longterm coordination between generation and transmission.

Cet article est co-écrit avec Jean-Michel Glachant, Yannick Perez et Philippe Dessante. Vous trouverez ci-joint le papier [pdf]

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