Capacity instruments for long term supply security

Workshop organised by LARSEN, 16 March 2007.

Location : Fontenay aux Roses


Welcome address

Jean-Michel Glachant (LARSEN et Université Paris Sud)

Efficiency of capacity instruments and implementation constraints on electricity markets: which criteria of choice?

V. Pignon (EDF R&D), D. Finon (LARSEN, CIRED) [slides]

Comments: L. De Vries (Delft University), S. Stoft (independent consultant, USA)

The instrument of strategic reserves contracting in its different designs: which efficiency?

D. Finon (LARSEN, CIRED) [slides]

Efficiency of reliability options and applicability in different market designs (Spain, Netherlands).

I. Perez-Arriaga (Comillas University , Madrid) [slides]

Efficiency and applicability of the centralised mechanism of forward capacity contracts.

S. Stoft (independent consultant, USA) [slides]

Methodology and models for comparison of capacity instruments: What could we learn from simulation methods?

L. De Vries (Delft University) [slides]

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