Efficiency, Competition and Long Term Contracts

Workshop on “Efficiency, Competition and Long Term Contracts in Electricity Markets” organized by LARSEN and the Loyola de Palacio Programme of the European University Institute (Florence), 15-16 January 2009.

Location : European University Institute, Florence. Programme :


January, 15, 2009

1° session. Long term efficiency and long term contracts

Chair : Jean-Michel Glachant (Loyola de Palacio Programme)

Maria SICILIA (International Energy Agency), Long term challenges and new coordination in electricity market The perspective of consumers [slides]

Petter LONGVA (NorskHydro), Long term contracting and risk management, the point of view of a large electricity consumer. The perspective of producers [Slides]

Dominique FINON (CIRED and LARSEN), Decentralised electricity markets, generation investment and risk allocation : the need of vertical arrangements [Slides]

Fabien ROQUES (CERA and EPRG research associate), The role of long term contracts in pure producer’s portfolio approach of generation equipments [Slides]

Questions with the floor

2° session. The parallel between energy industries

Anne NEUMANN (DIW Berlin) with C. von Hirchhaussen (DIW Berlin), Long term contracting and import infrastructures investments in gas markets [Slides]

Jacqueline BOUCHER (GDFSuez, EVP Economic Studies, Energie Europe International), Energy security and long term arrangements [Slides]

Questions with the floor

Round table. Jacqueline BOUCHER (GDFSuez), Gunnar LUNDBERG (Vice-president Regulatory Affairs, Vattenfall), François CAREME (Senior Vice-president, EDF RanD), Philippe WARNY (Director of Energy, Solvay), Peter LONGVA (NorskHydro).

January, 16, 2009

3° session. Contracts, imperfect competition and regulation

Chair : Dominique FINON (CIRED and LARSEN).

Bert WILLEMS (Tilburg University) with C. Argenton (Tilburg University), Exclusivity contracts : efficient or inefficient insurance in electricity markets ? [Slides]

Anna CRETI (IEFE, University Bocconi) with M. Bonacina (IEFE), and F.Manca (DG Competition), Imperfectly competitive contract markets for electricity [Slides]

Richard MEADE (ISCR, Victoria Management School, New Zealand), Comparison of LT contracts and vertical integration in decentralised electricity markets [Slides]

Discussants : Gert BRUNEKREEFT (Jacobs University Bremen), Richard MEADE (ISCR, New Zealand) [Slides], Christophe Gence-Creux (CRE, France ) [Slides]

4° session. Competition policy, infrastructure investment and LT contracts

Chair: Pippo RANCI , Professor and Adviser of the Florence School of Regulation

Leigh HANCHER (Allen and Overy), State aid and long term contracts in the European jurisprudence

Adrien de HAUTECLOCQUE (Manchester University and GRJM, Paris XI) and Jean-Michel GLACHANT (Loyola de Palacio Program, Florence) Long-term energy supply contracts in European competition policy: Fuzzy not Crazy [Slides]

Frederic MARTY (GREDEG and OFCE, Nice University) with Julien Pillot (GREDEG), The influence of essential facilities theory in matter of regulation and competition policy in energy network industries: long term efficiency criteria in European and American jurisprudence [Slides]

Final Roundtable. Leigh HANCHER (Allen and Overy) ; Rosita CARNEVALINI (Director Strategy Studi , AEEG) ; Michel MATHEU (Vice-President, EDF Direction of Strategy), Machiel MUTLER (Chief Economic Advisor, Office of Energy Regulation, The Netherlands Competition Authority), Heike SCHWEITZER (EUI Chair of competition law), Laurent DAVID (Head Economic Research Unit, GDFSuez Research division).

Conclusions of the Workshop. Dominique FINON and Jean-Michel GLACHANT

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